fondatrice unik day

Mathilde Le Gars – 31 ans

Wedding planner – Event planner

At Unik Day Event Agency, our purpose is imagine and realize amazing events. Nothing more important for us than a delighted and dazzled customer…who is  living his dream for real.

Unik Day Event Agency is the result of the hard work and dedication of Matilda Le Gars who has over 7 years’ experience in the sport, event and management industry. Matilda’s expérience as manager of sales for Decathlon and as event planner for prestigious Paris Event Agency “Les Editions Larivière”, provide her with the connections and hard-earned experience to ensure that her clients get the best…no matter where in the world.

Matilda’s background spans two continents, France & Australia enabling her to offer access to the best local professionals but also to organize foreign wedding. And through her satellite offices in Paris, Nantes & Bordeaux, she can make it possible everywhere in France too.

Great traveler, Adventurer on the other, Chocolate Doped, so organized, Smiley H24, I will do everything possible to make your Special Unik Day as a memorable day!

“They did not know it was impossible, so they did it!”
Mark Twain.



Whose creativity and sociability has no limits. I met her sharing an orientation race planning in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. And on that occasion, I measured the extent of its rigor and passion. So I asked her to join the team. Its only defect ? She can’t let pass 50 min without saying “I have an idea”.


The Team

The team is here to ensure that your special event is remembered for the right reasons. We are your details designer, strategy-maker and supportive confidant throughout your planning journey. That’s why, depending on the size of your event, I land with Vanessa & Nikita. Or let them manage your big day if I’m still busy with an other Event.



Expert in contingency management with calm and lucidity. Always positive and never short of tricks, she handles the art of serenity as nobody. Listening and adaptability make it the perfect asset of a successful evening. That’s why I asked her to join the team. Its only defect ? No good plan escape her!